Overheating, Monitor Your Computer Temperature With SpeedFan

Back in the days, overheating was a very common problem of PCs at our home. I often wondered why our PC suddenly shut down or restart. I still remember those times when I was playing Command & Conquer then my PC suddenly died. Since then I became paranoid every time I tried to play a game.

It became too problematic that I started thinking what the real problem was. I started browsing the web looking for answers then came up with conclusion that it’s a overheating problem.

Computers suddenly shutting down or restarting is usually a symptom of overheating. You may want to do the following to avoid it:

  • Remove dust from your CPU case. Dust clogs the airways in your case, thus contributes to extra heat.
  • Clean your fans, and even your processor fan.
  • Get an after-market coolers. Or try liquid cooling.
  • If it still causes overheating, try reapplying a new better thermal paste on your processor and heat sink fan.

I did the steps above and was amaze at how I am now able to play a game normally. It also remove my paranoia that my PC might suddenly die while gaming.

Now that we learned the importance of making our computers run cooler, we need an app to monitor our pc temps. So here we have SpeedFan, a free simple windows app that allows you to monitor the temperature of your processor, graphic card,  and hard disk.

Download SpeedFan here http://www.almico.com/speedfan.php

I’ve been installing SpeedFan on our computers, to make sure we will be aware if the temperature starts to get “dangerous”. This app has helped me discover that my video card has a over-heating problem that’s why I’ve been having issues on my PC for few days. I’ve removed the card and so was the problem. It seems the tiny fan it has broke, therefore the overheating.