LB-Link BL-WN151 150mbps Mini WiFi USB Adapter

LB-Link BL-WN151 Package

I think my motherboard’s ethernet card got busted leaving me with no internet for a day. I decided to look for either an ethernet network card which costs around $10 or finally join the wireless internet revolution. I decided to try going wireless and bought a usb wifi adapter instead.

This cheap USB wifi adapter that you can buy for as low as $5 is good cheap choice to those who want to upgrade from using ethernet cables to wireless connection.

LB-Link BL-WN151 Package Contents

Adapter, Installation Disk, and Manual

This WiFi adapter has 2 modes: Adapter Mode and AP Mode.

1. Adapter Mode


The main usage of this WiFi adapter.

I initially inserted the USB to the back panel of my CPU, and since it is located under my table, it’s having a hard time detecting available WiFi connections. I had to place the adapter to the USB slot in front panel. Even so, I still occasionally getting disconnected, the internet suddenly gone. I have to disconnect/connect to fix the connection. From its location (under my table), it can’t detect my neighbor’s WiFi.

BTW you have to install the driver.

2. AP Mode

LB-Link BL-WN151 AP Mode

LB-Link BL-WN151 AP-Mode WIFI

AP-Mode WIFI Basic Settings

LB-Link BL-WN151 AP-Mode WIFI Blacklist

AP-Mode Manage Connections

Plug this wifi adapter and share your current internet connection to your housemates or neighbors .

Or if you are at work, and want to leech internet from your work computer to your mobile phone, just plug this mini adapter to your work computer, install the driver, setup the wifi and you’re now ready to enjoy free internet on your mobile devices!

Cloud Service

It also offers a cloud service, in which you will require to download an app.