Fix Blurry Screen in Windows 7

I’ve re-installed my graphics driver, but my usual screen resolution of 1600 x 900 was not on the available list. The native resolution that appeared  was 1024 x 768, so I tried creating a custom resolution for 1600 900. But comes the trouble of having a blurry screen. So after hours of looking for solution on google… I ended up with this :

1. Go to desktop then right click. Choose Nvidia Control Panel.


2. On left side, choose Screen Resolution under Display.


3. The available screen resolutions are listed. You can see from screenshot below that they are so low. So click the Customize button then Create Custom Resolution.


4. For horizontal: 1600. Vertical: 900 then click Test.

5. If the screen is blurry. Try clicking Timing then choose GFT in Standard select options.


It was a sigh of relief having my screen in perfect pixel. I hope it fixed yours too. Cheers!