ServerHub Web Hosting Iron Enthusiasts 2017 Review

ServerHub Shared Hosting

Last Black Friday, I indulged myself in trying a new shared hosting service, this time I chose ServerHub’s Shared Hosting. I signed up for a year of Iron Enthusiasts plan for $47.40 but using a Black Friday promo code, I only paid $14.22 and it is recurring.

Dedicated IP

All of their shared hosting plans includes a dedicated IP. The IP that I’ve received resolves to Germany.  According to their Datacenters Network page, they currently have 7 datacenters around the globe.

ServerHub Datacenters

During the signup process, I was not prompt to select a server location, so I guess the datacenter was chosen randomly on their shared hosting offers.

No SSH Access

When I received my account details, I can’t seem to find info about SSH access, even in cpanel. When I tried SSH’ing to the IP, I can’t seem to connect.  I’ve contacted  the support about this and they told me that they don’t allow SSH access on their shared hosting plans. Well that means no bash and wget for me. I use SSH to download my sites from another server, without this I will have to rely on a PHP uploader script, then import my databases via cpanel/phpmyadmin.

Speed Test

Using a PHP remote uploader to test the download speed. It took 67.63 seconds to download a 100MB file from a server in Sweden.

Limits Info from CPanel

MySQL® Disk Usage: 49.92 GB
CPU Usage: 100
I/O Usage: 3MB
IOPS: 1,024
Virtual Memory Usage: 2GB
Entry Processes: 30
Physical Memory Usage: 640 MB
Number Of Processes: 150

WordPress Test

I imported one of my small traffic wordpress site. Here’s the page load performance using  Pingdom Website Speed Test with Cloudflare CDN + ZenCache WordPress cache plugin:

ServerHub WordPress Speed Test

I have yet to transfer my other active websites to this account, when I do, I will update this post.

For the discounted price of $14.22 per year, it’s not a bad deal. I will be cancelling my other cheap yearly hosting plan from other hosting companies and stick here – if nothing goes wrong in the coming months.