+ $5 Vultr Cloud server vs  $5 A Small Orange Shared

I stumbled upon RunCloud, it’s a similar service to ServerPilot – which I haven’t tested out yet. I decided to give RunCloud a  try using my remaining Vultr credits.

RunCloud is a “Hassle-free PHP web application & server management panel”.  Allows you to setup & manage your unmanaged vps/cloud servers with ease.

FREE RunCloud account allows:

  • Deploy Unlimited Web Application Or Websites
  • Add Unlimited Domain Names
  • Choose from Multiple PHP Version
  • Simple and Unlimited Database Creation
  • Server Update Configuration
  • Script Installer (WordPress, Joomla, etc)

Connecting Runcloud to Vultr only took a few minutes, then after few clicks you’re now ready to  transfer your wordpress sites via SSH or upload it manually via SFTP (you can use filezilla).

You will need a server with at least 768MB RAM as the initial installation of OS + RunCloud will consume around 512MB RAM. Thankfully, servers with 1GB RAM are cheaper these days. You can get one for as low as $5.

RunCloud – Vultr – Server Installation

RunCloud – Vultr – Server Summary


I used my remaining Vultr credits to try out RunCloud.

Create a new account and receive $10 (you’ll need to top-up at least $5 first).

You can create a test server for just an hour and will only be billed $0.007. I used Vultr for testing stuffs, creating new servers and run them for few minutes to hours.

A Small Orange

I snagged a discounted yearly ASO Shared Small which formerly costs $5/month, but now they increased the price to $8. I don’t think I can spend that much on a shared hosting specially after testing the service – expensive for the price it offers compared to other web hosting offers. This blog used to run in ASO and I admit that it runs the site more speedily  compared to my past web hosting providers.

A Small Orange - Small Shared Hosting

Used to costs only $5 last year, 2016

WordPress + WooCommerce Performance

Pingdom Pageload – A Small Orange

Pingdom Pageload – Vultr

After transferring my WordPress sites to  Vultr + Runcloud, the decrease in page load time is very noticeable – pages loads way faster.  With this kind of performance for only $5, I don’t think I could ever look at Shared Hosting offers with the same price range anymore.

Try Vultr + Runcloud and see for yourself.

Vultr: (affiliate link)
RunCloud: (refferal link)