WordPress in Godaddy : Redirecting Error Fix

Redirected Too Many Times - Chrome

I have a client using godaddy hosting. The site has been having a redirecting error when the Frontpage has a Static Page.

Godaddy Redirecting Error WordPress Settings

After some hours of changing settings and some searching on google… I’ve found the problem.

The Address URL has an UPPER CASE letter.

Godaddy Redirecting Error WordPress - WRONG

I changed the URL to be all lower cased, and… the redirection error is gone.

Godaddy Redirecting Error WordPress - Correct

I’ve tried to replicate the¬†issue to my linux web hosting, and it didn’t seem to have a problem with an UPPER CASE URL. Therefore I can conclude that this error only occurs in Godaddy’s server or similar case-sensitive web servers. Probably something to do with their server’s setting.