Magento – Index Management Stuck to Processing Fix

Magento Index Processing - 1

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Magento encountered an error while trying to re-index. In my case due to php’s maximum execution timeout which halt the re-indexing because it run for more than 30 seconds when its trying to re-index 2000+ products.  I fixed it by extending the max execution time to 20 mins.

in .htaccess file, add:


Solution #1

Most website would tell you to delete the contents of magentofolder/var/locks if this doesn’t solve the problem, proceed to solution #2.

Solution #2

1. Login to PHPMyAdmin, Adminer or to your Mysql Manager of choice.

2. Delete the records of table catalog_product_flat_1, catalog_product_flat_2, catalog_product_flat_3 if they exists. Go to SQL Command and execute TRUNCATE table catalog_product_flat_1; . Do the same to catalog_product_flat_2 and catalog_product_flat_3 if they exists.

Magento Index Processing - 2


3. Delete the records of table index_event, go to SQL Command and execute TRUNCATE TABLE index_event;

4. Next, open table index_process and edit the record that has a “processing “ status. Replace the status “processing” to “pending”. Click the Go button to apply the changes.

Magento Index Processing - 3

Magento Index Processing - 4

Magento Index Processing - 4b

5. Do the Solution #1.

6. The index management statuses should now be all green. Re-index one-by-one to be sure.

Magento Index Processing - 5