OneFileCMS – Simple and Portable CMS for your Next Project

Sometimes we want to edit just a few tiny blocks or letters on our pages, not wanting to be bothered by opening our favorite FTP program to upload the updated files, sometimes we just want a very portable and very tiny CMS that would help us realize the simple task.

OneFileCMS is a single php file of about 76KB in size, a portable php CMS script that you can upload to your website’s folder to allow editing of web contents on demand.

After you successfully login, It’ll lists the files and folders in the root directory and functions  like the basic features of an FTP program.


  • Username and password login.
  • Use of optional hashed password.
  • Set max attempts to enable login delay (to minimize force login).
  • Auto-disconnect/logout on set idle time.
  • Upload files and images.
  • Create, rename, delete, move & copy files and folders.
  • Set allowed extensions for edit and viewing (images).
  • Hide important files (hide .htaccess or the onefilecms.php itself)

Recommended Usage:

  • Simple static website with few pages.
  • Editing logs.
  • Editing few lines or text blocks.
  • Changing the store hours, and etc.

Website: OneFileCMS