Aruba €1 Cloud Server

Aruba Cloud

I’ve always been curious about this €1 cloud server plan, I’ve finally decided to try it out. Is €1 worth it? I chose France location simply because I never had a vps/cloud server in France before. 

Cloud Server Smart
The cheapest solution to enter the world of cloud computing. This type of service is based on VMware technology with a small set of functionalities at affordable prices with a monthly rate. There are servers of various sizes to choose from.

You have to sign-up first before you can order any services from them. All orders automatically has a 20% Euro tax. If you’re not European, you have to contact their support for them to manually reimburse you; I heard they ask for an ID for proof. Since I didn’t bother contacting them, I never had to send an ID. I paid a total of 1,20 €. They accept paypal and credit cards.


Resource Statistic

Usage statistic of the server is not available from the web panel.  You have to install their “Extra Control” service to your server yourself.

System Information

CPU Information

 Memory Usage

Disk Performance

400 MB/s to 900 MB/s … that’s fast.

Network Speed (France)

 From the above tests, the network speed may be a bit lacking, but hardware wise, I’ll definitely use Aruba for my next project.