NAT VPS from DeepNet Solutions (LowEndSpirit)

NAT VPS from DeepNet Solutions (LowEndSpirit)

Got another NAT VPS from LowEndSpirit (DeepNet Solutions). Upon payment, the vps is instantly setup and active. I was also able to login via instructed SSH port; External IP : xx00

Your INTERNAL IP is, your forwarded port range is: 13300 – 13320 (13300 is pre-routed for inbound SSH connection).

Nginx Web Server

  1. Run apt-get update then apt-get install nginx
  2. Go to /etc/nginx/sites-enabled
  3. Type nano to create domain config file and edit. Paste the text below for basic config. Dont’ forget to create the folder /var/www/
  4. Press Ctrl + X then Y to commit changes.
  5. Restart nginx, type service nginx restart

Reverse Proxy

  1. Type apt-get install curl wget -y
  2. Type cd /tmp && wget && sh
  3. Enter the domain & sub domain names to use.
  4. You’re done!