Setup a NAT VPS from InceptionHosting (LowEndSpirit)

A NAT vps shares an ipv4 address with other servers which help reduce the rent cost. It’s perfect for small apps and websites, like a shared hosting but with total server control and guaranteed resources.

Setup a NAT VPS from LowEndSpirit

LowEndSpirit, home of NAT vps providers.

I got a NAT vps from inception hosting (part of lowendspirit) for  €3.00/year which I’m using for my tiny app. The cost is similar to a very cheap shared hosting but, I prefer to have more control on the server.

Logging-in to SSH.

So to access your server right away simply ssh to your external IP with the pre forwarded port as above, example if your local IP is you would use- IP: PORT: 25421

I spent at least an hour trying to login by following the above instruction but I can’t get in. I checked the LES forum and read that you need to login at the Serial Console first to change the SSH port.

  1. Login to the VPS SolusVM Control Panel.NAT VPS LowEndSpirit
  2. Goto the Serial Console then click Create Session button.
  3. You will receive a temporary ssh login details. Use Putty or something similar to connect.
  4. Once successfully logged-in, type nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config to edit the SSH port.
  5. Find the line below and replace the port with one of the assigned 20 ports for your NAT ipv4 address. For example, if your local IP is 190.x.x.10, your 20 ports should be from 1001 - 1020. Pick one from that ports and use it as your ssh port.
  6. Save the file, press CTRL + X then Y to commit changes.
  7. Type service sshd restart to apply the changes.
  8. Now logoff and login using:  External IP : YourChosenPort

NGINX Web Server

  1. Apply updates. Type apt-get update then apt-get install nginx
  2. If successful, visit External-IP:Port (1001-1019)  to check installation.
  3. Go to /etc/nginx/sites-enabled and type nano to create file.
  4. Don’t forget to create the folder /var/www/ then upload the contents.
  5. Restart nginx service nginx restart or /etc/init.d/nginx restart
  6. Your site will still not load, head back to Solus Panel, scroll down, then click the Proxy Domains tab.
    Setup a NAT VPS from LowEndSpirit
  7. Add all the domains and sub domains that your server hosts. After that, your websites should now load.